Cherish Africa Safaris Packages

10 Awesome Cherish Africa Safaris Packages

Here are some tailored Cherish Africa safari packages offered by Cherish Africa Safaris, a travel company based in Kikuyu, Kenya:

Luxury Wildlife Safari

Explore Kenya’s national parks and reserves in style. Witness the Big Five and other fascinating wildlife.

Duration: Customizable

Examples of these safaris include:

Budget Wildlife Adventure

Ideal for travelers seeking an authentic safari experience without breaking the bank.

Discover the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania.

Duration: Flexible

Photography Tours

Designed for photography enthusiasts.

Capture stunning wildlife moments, landscapes, and cultural scenes.

Duration: Customizable

Price: Tailored to your preferences.

Birdwatching Safari

Birdwatchers will love this specialized tour.

Explore bird-rich habitats and spot rare species.

Duration: Varied

Price: Inquire for details.

Holiday Themed Tours

Combine wildlife adventures with holiday celebrations.

Christmas, New Year, or other festive-themed safaris.

Duration: Seasonal

Price: Varies based on package.

Group Safaris

Join like-minded travelers on group tours.

Share the excitement of wildlife encounters.

Duration: Group-specific

Price: Group rates available.

Private Safaris

Tailor-made for individual preferences.

Customize your itinerary and travel at your own pace.

Duration: Personalized

Price: Based on your choices.

Cultural Immersion Tours

Experience local traditions, music, and cuisine.

Interact with indigenous communities.

Duration: Cultural experiences vary

Price: Contact for details.

Kenya-Tanzania Combo Safari

Combine the best of both countries.

Witness the Great Migration in the Serengeti and explore Maasai Mara.

Duration: Flexible

Price: Customized based on your preferences.

Zambia Safari Extension

Extend your adventure to Zambia.

Explore the untouched wilderness of this beautiful country.

Duration: Add-on to existing safaris

Price: Inquire for details.

Remember that Cherish Africa Safaris can further customize these packages to suit your preferences. For detailed itineraries, availability, and booking, feel free to contact them directly. Happy safari planning!

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